How to protect your motorcycle – detailed instruction with photos

Of course, we all love our bikes and we want that they will looks amazing. But there are no bikers whom is not falt. If you fall on motorcycle then usually this is mean that you need to spend a lot of money and also you may not continue your ride. It’s good idea to protect your bike with some extra tools which will take all damage on them.

I’ve used a lot of them and can suggest you the best solutions. 

Dempfer - anti wobbling tool

You can save motorcycle and yourself with the help of dempfer. If you are riding on the bad road, sometimes motorcycle can get wobbling – and your wheel will go from left to right so fast, that you will not be able to control bike.

Dempfers can be electronic, active and passive. Make sure that your bike don’t have something like this already installed. For example my Yamaha R1 2009 coming with electronic dempfer. Here is example of electronic dempfer on my Yamaha R1 2009:

Grips sliders - anti wobbling and head frame protection

You can add sliders to the grips: they protect your top part of the bike and also decrease the wobbling effect. Handle bar grips is a cheap and very easy way to improve your safety and motorcycle protection:

Frame Sliders - main tool to save your fairing, engine and frame

The main damage will be on your side part. This is very important because if you will damage the engine, then you will not be able to continue the ride. So this is my number 1 pritority and I always put the sliders to the engine area. Usually you have to make the whole on the side plastic, and just take out the default engine screw.

They can be universal or made especially for your bake. In most cases you have to drill hole at the fairing for sportbikes. The sliders which were made especially for your bike model can go with adapters to avoid the drilling the fairing.

I never used such special sliders and just drill the fairing – this is easy, fast and cheap way to install the slider and it looks not so bad 🙂

Frame slider - extra protection to your frame

For extra protection I always add slider to the hole in bottom of the frame. To attach slider in this place I just need a threaded rod, which you can buy on the hardware store. After this put it on the hole, and attach sliders to it with the help of 2 nuts.

As you can see from the picture on the right side – such sliders does a great protection to the clutch cap.

This is not so popular solution, but I preffer to put any extra protection, especially if this is easy and doesn’t expensive.